Coaching Offerings

At RSC, Coaching is defined as the partnership of coach and client to identify and inspire a creative shift in attention so that the client leads a life full of potential.

In order to create that partnership, a Discovery Call must be scheduled. A Discovery Call is a complimentary phone meeting that outlines what coaching looks and feels like, logistics around the process, so that we can make a decision on how best to work together.

Connect with Zach to learn more and explore what is possible with Rounded Stone Coaching!

Rounded Stone

Three leadership and goal setting coaching sessions per week designed to focus goals and calibrate throughout the week.

This program is ideal for persons interested in personalized coaching towards program goals and team leadership growth.


Sessions are structured with client timeframe for optimal goal setting and values assessments.


- 3x 45 minute coaching sessions

- 45 minute Discovery Call

Coffee & Coaching

One on one 30 minute sessions focused on goal formation, action and reflection.


This program is ideal for persons early in their career looking to expand on their skills and best practices. 


Students looking to use their experiences from school in the workplace while making value driven life decisions.


- 30 minute sessions

- 45 minute Discovery Call

Six Week + Solo

Six, weekly coaching sessions with built in coaching solo.


Ideal for those interested to identify their attention use, desired direction and steps needed for authentic living.

A solo is an intentional experience of reflection and grit, usually referenced in wilderness education. In the coaching context it is an opportunity to reflect on the coaching experience, trust your process and use the skills from coaching to support you.



- 6x hour coaching sessions

-2x 30 minute check in calls

- SOLO materials for self accountability

- 45 minute Discovery Call

Team Coaching

Team coaching provides a space for small groups of colleagues and collaborators to enhance connection to goals, values and mission. All team coaching is offered remotely.

This program is ideal for teams to explore shared values, goals and commitments through coach lead facilitation and inquiry. 

Values assessments included


Virtual Team Meeting