Who is Zach?

Nearly 12 years ago I took my first coaching job. I was a swim coach at my community pool and commonly referred to as Coach Zach, title was important for the younger crowd. Since the swim team era, I have had the privilege and ambition to be fluid, working in different arenas around the country. My dreams have allowed me to meet people from all around the world and share in projects from 21 day outdoor education trips in Central Oregon to organic farming in the mountains of Peru. From these experiences, my core values of connection, trust and attention bring me to where I am right now. 


Here I am and so it is - Bringing the best me to the arena every day to share in the power of connection, trust and attention with clients, family and friends!

El Plomo - morning summit selfy.jpg

I am a committed to you, authentic leadership coach in Raleigh, NC! I have said no to the part time jobs of my past and welcomed in this new opportunity to question and appreciate the challenges that come with stepping into the unknown and growing from what the question has to offer.


When safe to do so, I will once again pick up my bags and hit the trail. Always keeping my commitment to being the best coach I can, while living my dreams of travel, working outdoors and connection.


I am offering my attention to those seeking to innovate in their career, school, and lifestyle. May we create a space to connect for the betterment of our futures and those around us. I look forward to sharing this adventure with you!