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RSC aims to provide clients and community across the globe opportunities for professional and personal development via workshop series with different professionals in the coaching, consulting, education and leadership development disciplines. The content is designed for accessibility and available for synchronous participation and asynchronous collaboration with workshop cohorts. 


A two part learning experience inspired by the research and personal connections to being in the "flow state". Offered in thanks to learning framework and collaboration with Dr. Paula Berardinelli. 


Finding Flow is offered to meet the always present need to find Flow or the state of being for optimal experience in life. This learning framework allows participants to reflect on their flow experiences, comprehend the research in digestible sessions and apply their learning and experience to accessing flow through a cohort of diverse learners. 

Finding Flow

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Registration is closed for this session of Finding Flow. Stay tuned for more opportunities this Summer.

Dr. Paula Berardinelli

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Paula has been an adult educator and business professional for more than 30 years. Her work experience includes a blending of organizational consulting engagements, university faculty roles, and co-founding a publicly traded company. 

As a practitioner she has enabled large and small organizations to solve business problems and achieve goals through aligning talent with learning and development strategies. 

Her work as a scholar has focused on optimizing the conditions for adult learning both in person and through distance technologies. She has co-authored several works on impact evaluation and other professional articles.